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REACH - Lead now included as a particularly hazardous substance

In addition to direct letters to our customers, we would also like to comply with our obligation to provide informations under Art. 33 regarding changes in the Reach topic.
The new - European Union (EU) regulation - on chemicals (Reach) published a new SVHC list on 27.06.2018 in which among others the substance lead is classified as dangerous.

The complete list of substances of very high concern can be found on the website of the European Chemicals Agency ECHA:

The Reach Regulation covers all substances whose lead content is > 0.1%.

This means that, with a few exceptions, all brass, bronze and red brass materials as well as some aluminum and a few steel alloys are affected (also the "low-lead materials CW510L and CW511L approved in the European Drinking Water Ordinance - UBA List with only max. 0.2% lead content is affected by the new regulation) ECO-Brass / Cuphin is lead-free.

What impact does the inclusion of lead as SVHC substance have? - First of all, only the obligation to inform commercial customers and end consumers. (A 45 day deadline applies only to end users)

Lead is a toxic substance and the danger is long known. Differences here are for example brass materials with max. 0.3 % and lead in powder form at 0.03 %. In practice, from today is point of view, there will be no change until the year 2024 for the use of turning and milling parts and products made from other production processes, regardless of the respective use.

Do you have anymore questions? As a partner of our customers, we like to answer them.