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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct - Code of Conduct of SundwigEr Drehtechnik and affiliated companies

Sundwiger Drehtechnik is a family-run company with tradition and future.
This includes a clear alignment through the requirements of the owners and managing directors. Since 2010, commit to shareholders and management to the globally recognized principles of the Code of Conduct.

Long-term survival requires long-term thinking. We do this in relation to relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. Investments, engagements and our own behaviour are geared towards long-term achievement, cooperation and successful economic activity.

Live and act in a humanely and ecologically justifiable environment. Environmental protection is therefore clearly part of our commitment.

Sundwiger is committed to German and European laws as well as to compliance with all public regulations and will follow them after efforts.

In accordance with the 10 principles of the UN GLOBAL COMPACT or the German network of this association, we and our management commit ourselves to this action. The same applies to our other societies.

See appendix - the 10 principles - which we add to a principle. We integrate tax compliance into our behaviors.

Should our customers/suppliers/employees have a complaint, you are free to contact our management in writing or personally at any time.
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