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UKCA replaces CE marking for products according to Great Britain - Date 01.01.2023

Important for all our customers and their customers - who sell the corresponding devices there. From 1 January 2023, only devices sold to Great Britian with the new UKCA marking may be sold, the previous CE mark will then no longer be permitted for this market.

However, this formality requires that the manufacturers of the raw material that flow into this device via the individual parts have all been certified according to the respective English regulation. This is documented by the material material certificates and is therefore comprehensible. The individual parts (e.g. turned parts) themselves still do not have to be marked accordingly.

If you or your customers market devices with the previous CE marking according to Great Britian, then contact us urgently so that we only procure the raw material for the common articles from certified semi-finished products plants.

Please check whether this also applies to your devices.

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