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Saving energy - Sundwiger participates

Energy management and saving has been actively practiced at Sundwiger for years.

In these difficult times, when energy has become a scarce commodity for a free Europe, every company and every citizen bears a bit more responsibility. Energy consumption must be reduced. Not only because energy has become more expensive; but because there is a limited supply.

For Sundwiger it is a matter of course to face up to this responsibility. We made many adjustments at an early stage and thus currently reduced natural gas consumption by almost 24% in 2022. However, this was accompanied by an increase in electricity consumption of 12%.

In the meantime, further optimization possibilities have been found in teamwork. Now it is also important to implement these measures.

As a matter of principle, we also pay attention to energy savings when investing in new machines and technical systems.

We want to be a role model.

Your Sundwiger.