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Sundwiger quality with high demands on the product and the process

The possible quality requirements for turned/milled parts can be very diverse. If you sell your own product with high quality standards, you want to have turned parts delivered with a perfect appearance. A defined rotation pattern or flawless surface finishing determine the requirements for the desired result for many Sundwiger articles. Not only the compliant production according to drawing specifications are required and implemented, but also conductivity - noise behaviour - tightness requirements - Cleanliness - Surface roughness - Gloss level - Metallic sealing surfaces - Labeling of all kinds - Material traceability up to re-stamping according to standard AD2000 - Freedom from damage - Logistical specifications - Special packaging and much more are on the wish list of some customers.

Do you also want to implement special requirements for your products? Then come and join us. Sundwiger has a wide range of experience.

Yours, Sundwiger.