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Brilliant first-solus surfaces with handle or décor knurling are in demand

In the highest quality and price segment of various customers and customer industries, Sundwiger supplies turned parts with well-known first solus quality. "These are true gems and yet reliably manufactured. Brilliant, machined surfaces in compliance with the exact contour specifications - manufactured reliably and then the surface finishing specified by the customer.

In order to further refine the look, there are a lot of customer articles in the Sundwiger product portfolio that are provided with a particularly clean and evenly executed individual knurling. "The opportunity exists and is being used. The result is a great look and the customer works with us to determine the desired feel."

Would you like to upgrade your product with a high-quality look and/or achieve an additional benefit or user-friendliness through a good feel? Then get in touch with us.

Yours, Sundwiger.

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Hier klicken, um das Bild in Originalgröße zu sehen